Meet Tygh Gianella, EIT
Staff Geotechnical Engineer

Geotechnical engineering

Portland, OR


Tygh took his first steps toward engineering in 5th grade. Growing up on a farm, he became tired of the manual pulley system he used each day to let the chickens out, so he found a better way. He designed a labor-saving automatic chicken gate and proudly submitted it as a class project for school.

As a recent graduate of the civil engineering master’s program at Oregon State University (2015), Tygh is looking forward to learning from his experienced coworkers. He takes pride in his work ethic and communication skills on the job, and has particular experience with his thesis subject: soil liquefaction mitigation.

“I really enjoy Geotechnical Engineering because every project is a little different,” Tygh says. “No job site is the same – it keeps you on your toes. This allows you to be innovative and come up with new solutions or designs.”

Outside of work, Tygh is a sports and outdoor enthusiast. On the weekend you might find him fishing, hunting, crabbing, clamming, camping, playing team sports or waterskiing. That is, unless the Gonzaga game is on (his undergraduate alma mater). “Go Zags!”