Meet Susie Tharp
Lab Technician

Atterbergs, Sieves, Hydrometers, Organics, UU’s and UC’s, Soil density



Susie is a part of our experienced and professional in-house lab team. Her soil-testing work informs our geotechnical designs and is crucial to the overall success of each project. Before we make recommendations, we need a clear and accurate understanding of the soil conditions at each site. Susie performs a wide variety of lab tests to provide that foundational data. It all starts with the soil.

Moving to GeoEngineers after five years testing soil for another company, Susie was impressed by the efficiency of the Baton Rouge lab.

“I love the fact that I can see the results of my testing in a timely manner,” Susie says.

Outside of the lab, Susie likes to ride motorcycles with her husband, play guitar and sing. She also has a soft spot for dogs both large and small, and enjoys spending time with her Pomeranian and English Mastiff at home!