Meet Stephanie Pride
Graphic Designer

Visual communications

Seattle, WA


As a graphic designer, Stephanie works with both marketing and technical staff to develop visual assets for print and Web use. “I help people figure out how to convey an idea or concept using a visual language that will be both technically accurate and easy to understand by a non-technical user,” Stephanie said.

Having a career in design was something Stephanie knew she wanted early on in life. “When I was in middle school, my friends were cutting out their favorite photos of celebrities and hairstyles from fashion magazines, and I was cutting out my favorite advertisements and page layouts.” Her favorite part of the job is getting to become an “expert” on a subject for a period of time. “I like distilling ideas and concepts down to their simplest form, and making complex and sometimes confusing material and subject matter understandable and interesting to look at.”

Prior to joining GeoEngineers, Stephanie worked predominately in the nonprofit and education fields. She chose GeoEngineers because she wanted to collaborate with a diverse group of people. “It’s important to me to work with people who are passionate about what they do, and it was clear to me that GeoEngineers employees are.”

For leisure, Stephanie enjoys doing illustrations, letterpress printing, cooking vegan and vegetarian meals and playing board games. She also loves spending time with her husband and sweet, silly Chihuahua, Juniper.