Meet Sandy Smith, PE, PG
Senior Environmental Engineer

Manufactured gas plant sites
Remedial investigations and feasibility studies
Cost estimating
RCRA hazardous debris rule
Geology and hydrogeology
Cost allocation support

Tacoma, WA


Sandy focuses mainly on environmental investigations and studies on long-term projects involving hazardous waste sites. Her specific areas of interest are investigation planning, historical and background data evaluation, and geologic and hydrogeologic analysis. “Understanding the details of a project is important because the work we do is very complex and multidisciplinary. Being able to tease the important details from the mountains of data and information is often what moves the projects forward.”

In all the projects she’s done at GeoEngineers, Sandy is the most proud of a coal gasification site project in the Tacoma, WA, area because her team was able to move the project forward to completion with little to no rework and make recommendations that saved the client millions of dollars. “GeoEngineers is a great contributor to our local and global communities. The care and concern for people and our environment goes beyond its business boundaries.”

When she’s not in the office or doing fieldwork, Sandy enjoys spending time with her husband and four children. She also enjoys spending time outside, bicycling and reading.