Meet Mike Hutchinson, LG, LHG
CEO, Principal Geologist

Hazardous material investigations
Environmental compliance
Business strategy

Tacoma, WA


When Mike was young he developed a fascination for nature. “I was always attracted to the natural world and learning how best to protect it,” he says. Mike realizes that balancing protection of the natural world with human growth is at the core GeoEngineers’ mission.

“My technical work has focused primarily on the environmental aspects of transportation projects where federal agencies have primary jurisdiction,” Mike says. “These environmental topics are broad and range from planning through construction.”

As GeoEngineers’ CEO, Mike’s responsibilities go far beyond leading technical projects. He oversees strategic planning, business development and profitability, and seeks to inspire staff to push themselves toward professional and personal excellence by having a “compassionate curiosity” for each other, clients, and their work.

Mike has always been community-focused and is deeply involved in his own community of Tacoma, Washington. He sees GeoEngineers’ work as an extension of that passion, and hopes the company’s projects will enrich and develop communities throughout the country. “I want to see my own community, and the world, provide opportunities for everyone, while doing the right thing for future generations,” he says.

Mike takes a lot of pleasure working with various technical teams and collaborating with staff across the company. “It all comes down to the people you have surrounded yourself with and continue to work with — you become family,” he says. “Our staff are out there every day delivering quality work, and coming together to solve the trickiest problems our clients can bring us. I’m proud of all we’ve achieved together, and all we have yet to achieve.”

When he’s not being energized by the professional challenges ahead, Mike fuels his creative passion with music of all forms, especially his guitar. He also loves cycling and fly fishing.

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