Meet Michelle Holtzclaw
Office Manager

Office administration
Project file management

Boise, ID


Michelle is the office manager for the Boise office. She says she likes to think of herself as a team captain who rallies her team to provide the best internal external customer service they can.

Reading and editing reports and proposals tops Michelle's list of favorite work activities. Her bachelor's degree in writing makes this task a natural fit for her. She reflects, "Grammar is probably my most favorite aspect of writing and is the fundamental building block upon which all great writing is built. You may have a lot to say, but if you have poor grammar skills, your message quickly gets lost."

Michelle values GeoEngineers' culture: "GeoEngineers fosters collaboration at every level; our opinions are welcomed and elicited. I am not stifled by a linear job description; instead I have an active role in deciding how to shape my career in ways that are beneficial both to my growth and success and the Company's."

In her free time, Michelle enjoys cooking, spending time with her family, studying genealogy, reading, writing and couponing.


  • ACEC-Washington Best-in-State Gold Award for Social, Economic and Sustainable Design Considerations, Walla Walla Habitat Restoration, near Milton-Freewater, OR, 2013
  • ACEC-Oregon Honor Award, Walla Walla Habitat Restoration, near Milton-Freewater, OR, 2013