Meet Matt Smith, PE
Principal Geotechnical Engineer

Geotechnical design
Deep-shored excavation
Seismic design
Deep foundations
High rise buildings
Urban redevelopment

Redmond, WA


As a child growing up in Nevada, Matt spent a lot of time playing with soil and water, and this experience—combined with a strong interest in construction and an affinity for math and science—steered him to civil engineering and ultimately to geotechnical engineering. As one of the geotechnical leaders in the Puget Sound region, Matt works on a range of complex founda-
tion- and seismic-design projects and has developed a specific expertise on deep-shored excavations for urban redevelopment projects.

Matt is particularly proud of his team’s work on complex projects such as the recently completed Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation World Headquarters and the Olive 8 high rise in downtown Seattle. He is quick to recognize his colleagues’ role in these and other important projects. “When I look at the group of professionals that I collaborate with to deliver successful projects to clients,” he reflected, “the common threads that I see are teamwork, strong work ethic, and the depth of talent and experience in the group.”

When he’s not developing solutions for complex technical challenges, Matt helps coach his son and daughter’s soccer teams and follows his interests in woodworking, remodeling, camping/fishing/backpacking and travel.


  • ACEC-Washington Engineering Excellence Awards, Gold Award for Originality or Innovative Application of New or Existing Techniques, Silver for Complexity, Olive 8 Shoring Design, 2007

  • ASCE Outstanding Project Award, geotechnical category, Olive 8 Shoring Design, 2006

  • ACEC-Washington Engineering Excellence Awards, Silver Award for Future Value to the Profession, Virginia Mason East Campus, Jones Pavillion, 2009

Selected Presentations & Articles

  • Case History: "Investigating the Risks Associated with Allowing Temporary Tiebacks to Remain Stressed," Matt Smith, Lindsay Flangas and Dan Ciani, Earth Retention Conference 3 Proceedings, August 2010

  • "Creative Shoring Solutions for a Tight Urban Site: Olive 8, Seattle, Washington," David Winter, Matt Smith, King Chin and Robert Carnevale, Proceedings of the 34th Annual Conference on Deep Foundations, October 2009

  • "Hybrid Shoring System for Seattle High Rise," Foundation Drilling, Robert Carnevale, Matt Smith, Robert Smith and Lindsay Flangas, September/October 2007

  • "Real Time Monitoring at the Olive 8 Excavation," R. Finno, M. Langousis, David Winter, Matt Smith and King Chin, Proceedings of the 7th International Symposium on Field Measurements in Geomechanics, September 24-27, 2007, Boston, MA

  • "Modified Newmark Model for Seismic Displacements of Compliant Slopes," Journal of Geotechnical and Geoenvironmental Engineering, Steven Kramer and Matt Smith, July 1997