Meet Lisa Bona, LG
Senior Geologist

Water quality compliance
Natural hazards evaluations and planning
Hazardous substance assessment and remediation

Redmond, WA


In her 23-year tenure at GeoEngineers, Lisa has worked on a wide range of projects that crossed many disciplines. She worked in contaminated site assessment and remediation for more than ten years, then moved into permitting and natural hazards planning. She has prepared and managed preparation of permit packages for more than 100 sites.

These experiences formed the foundation for her recent project management work on large water quality compliance projects for Puget Sound Energy. Lisa explains, “I was fortunate to be working on some large projects for one of our biggest clients. Environmental compliance is somewhat like being a dog catcher: people may not like what you do, but it is necessary in permitting and water quality project. I help make sure that GeoEngineers is working with the clients and contractors to get the job done right, without being a roadblock for project schedule, means and methods. I am happiest when I can find a new way to do something that provides better value for the client without sacrificing a quality product.”

In 2006, Lisa traded leisure-time gardening, hiking and backpacking for motherhood’s challenges and rewards. “Adopting a child from India has opened up a whole community of people previously unknown to me—international adopters and adoptees. My daughter and I look forward to our next trip to her birthplace.” Lisa also has a great deal of fun with her menagerie of housepets, including—finally—a dog.