Meet Jonathan Stopchick
Web Developer

Web application development
Database development
Best practices

Seattle, WA


Jonathan develops web applications, specializing in mobile and service-based tools for the technology team at GeoEngineers. He chose to work for GeoEngineers because the team environment allows for collaboration and creativity when dealing with work challenges. “I wanted a change of culture and to further develop my skills. GeoEngineers looked like a company that would enable me to continue learning while building tools using cutting-edge technology,” Jonathan says.

Prior to GeoEngineers, Jonathan worked in data management as an intranet development specialist with Ravenglass Technologies Inc. in Manlius, NY. He recently began developing for mobile devices. “I am passionate about my craft. I consider programming an art. I’m constantly trying to refine my skills and learn the best tools for the job.”

Outside of honing his professional skillset, Jonathan enjoys camping, hiking and playing obscure board and card games.