Meet Jim Miller, LG, PE, LEG
Senior Principal Geological Engineer

Geologic hazards
Environmental remediation

Redmond, WA


Jim's interest in earth science began when he was a child and now fills both his business and leisure time. "My interest and curiosity about the earth have never waned and have only grown with time," he said. His technical and organizational commitment to GeoEngineers began when the company was founded in 1980. Jim has held many leadership positions at GeoEngineers, including COO, President, CEO and Chairman of the Board.

As a Senior Principal, Jim now serves the company in purely technical and mentoring roles. He applies his diverse technical backgroud to a wide range of earth science challenges, such as improving the stability of slopes with landslide hazards, cleaning up environmental contaminants, providing suitable locations and water supplies for fish hatcheries, geotechnical evaluation of sites for water retention structures and designing safe methods for construction of pipelines beneath rivers.

Jim says his many interests totally consume his free time. He recently supported Engineers Without Borders on a field project in Guatemala. He collects minerals, prospects for gold and teaches others about geology, mineralogy and gold panning. He is a nationally recognized expert in flinknapping, the art of making of flaked stone tools like arrowheads and spearheads. Jim is an active member of the Maplewood Rock & Gem Club and and campaigns to preserve access to public lands for recreational rock collectors and gold prospectors. Hiking, backpacking, fishing, nature photography and upland bird hunting round out his outdoor activites. When he does find a bit of time to sit down, Jim writes occasional articles for publication in Rock & Gem magazine.


ACEC Washington Engineer of the Year Award, 2009

Selected Presentations & Articles

  • "Remediation of Rapidly Moving LNAPL in Bedrock under Emergency Conditions in an Alpine Setting, Washington State," presented at the U.S. EPA/NGWA Fractured Rock Conference: State of the Science and Measuring Success in Remediation, Portland, ME, 2007

  • "Landslide Stabilization in an Urban Setting, Fauntleroy District, Seattle, Washington," Engineering Geology in Washington, Volume II, Washington Div. of Geology and Earth Resources, Bulletin 78, pp. 681-690, 1989

  • "Successful Use of an Innovative Horizontal/Vertical Well Couplet in Fractured Bedrock to Intercept a Mobile Gasoline Plume," Ground Water Monitoring and Remediation, pp. 82-87, Spring 2002