Meet Jim Aronstein, PE
Principal Geotechnical Engineer

Geotechnical engineering
Petrochemical plants

Baton Rouge, LA


Jim was formerly a structural engineer who performed bridge design for the I-10 Interstate Highway System in Louisiana. After all of the major bridges in the contract were designed, he found the remaining smaller bridge projects to be routine and not very challenging. Jim says, "Since geotechnical engineering was my other favorite civil engineering interest, and I wanted more experience where structures interacted with the ground, I accepted a position with Louis J. Capozzoli & Associates, Inc." GeoEngineers later bought the Capozzoli company in 2007 from Jim, Charlie Eustis, and David Sauls.

As one of GeoEngineers' geotechnical engineers and principals, Jim develops new business, manages and designs projects and mentors younger engineers. Jim enjoys the diversity and challenge of each project, the interaction and problem-solving with fellow employees, seeing young engineers develop and discussing projects with clients. "From the single-family residence to a major bridge across the Mississippi River, each project is unique and offers a different challenge and is especially important to the owner and client," Jim reflects.

Jim enjoys taking trips, especially the scenic kind with nature walks. But he always has his projects and clients in mind. Jim says, "Late-hour quiet time at home is good for sorting out project questions and solutions. I often see clients at social and sporting events, and fellow church members ask about public infrastructure projects they know I am familiar with. Traveling in Italy, I found it difficult not to leave my photo-taking and visit with the construction group making adjustments to the lean in the Tower of Pisa!" Back at home, he likes to garden and delights in watching his grandchildren participate in high school and college baseball, softball and football games.