Meet Jeanna Schmidt, PHR
Associate, Director of Human Resources

Business leadership & strategy
Recruitment & retention
Employee relations
Compensation & benefits
Performance management
Training and development

Redmond, WA


As Director of Human Resources, Jeanna provides leadership and direction for the HR team, overseeing key functions such as recruiting and retention, benefits, compensation, employee relations, performance management, diversity, and organizational development and training. She artfully interacts with so many people each day that it’s hard to believe her claim that she was once shy. Intuitive and analytical, she enjoys getting to know new staff members and helping employees grow and develop, personally as well as professionally.

Jeanna reflects on opportunities available at GeoEngineers in light of her own experience: “If you are motivated and proactive, you can truly chart your own course here,” Jeanna explains. “I started out as a recruiter and worked my way into my current leadership role, becoming more and more of a strategic resource, partner and trusted advisor along the way. You really are quite empowered to create your own destiny here.”

When she’s not spending time with her family, which includes two active daughters,  Jeanna uses her expertise to help friends and family in their own job searches and career development. And what does she do for fun? “I try to get some sleep,” Jeanna says wryly.

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