Meet Jason Stefanski
Director of Technology

IT leadership
Strategic planning
System architecture
Process improvement
Staff management

Tacoma, WA


Jason is responsible for setting the vision, strategy and direction of information technology for GeoEngineers. This includes managing IT initiatives and being a technical mentor to several team members. “My innate desire to help people learn and grow and, in turn, help businesses grow is what attracts me to the management and leadership aspects of IT,” Jason says. “I am a true ‘IT geek,’ but as I’ve told my wife on many occasions, if I were to consider any alternate career it would be as a high school teacher or community college professor.”

Having worked in IT since 1998, Jason has worked his way up through the technical ranks at several companies. He chose his current position at GeoEngineers because of the industry and company culture. “After having seen many other industries and how ‘ugly’ they can be, it was a welcome breath of fresh air to come back to an industry where you can be proud of what your company is doing,” he says.

Jason’s interest in mentoring carries over to his personal life, as he has been a soccer coach for more than 20 years. “Coaching a team of soccer players is not much different from coaching a team of IT professionals.  You need to understand everyone’s strengths to apply them in the appropriate place and encourage the growth of these attributes,” he says.

When he’s not at work or coaching soccer, you can find Jason cruising on his motorcycle. He’s done many track days, ridden thousands of miles and attended a few professional riding schools and courses.