Meet Hamilton Puangnak, PE
Staff Geotechnical Engineer

Geotechnical engineering
Soil-structure interaction

Redmond, WA


Hamilton says a History Channel program about large hydroelectric dams he watched while he was in high school sparked his interest in civil engineering. The magnitude of the projects described by the civil engineer who narrated the show fascinated him and influenced his decision to pursue a bachelor’s degree in civil engineering and a master’s degree in geotechnical engineering.

Shortly after completing his studies, Hamilton joined GeoEngineers as a geotechnical engineer. He does basic geotechnical design analyses such as slope stability, seismic response and liquefaction calculations, and performs site explorations to gather information critical for well-engineered designs. Hamilton also monitors construction activities to ensure the techniques used in the field by contractors meet Geo’s and the owner’s standards and expectations.

“I am an engineer at heart,” Hamilton remarks. “Being out in the field is a nice opportunity to see how a design on paper comes to life during construction, and applying the skills I learned throughout my academic career to solve real-world problems is satisfying. Most of all, though, my colleagues are great. I am constantly learning from them and challenged by them.”

When leisure time rolls around, Hamilton heads for the outdoors. “My go-to activities are cycling and rock climbing, but I enjoy trying new things. I recently went bungee jumping for the first time off a 150-foot bridge in Whistler, BC.” The sports fan loves watching college football and rooting on his Missouri Tigers.