Meet Erik Arnson, PE, LG
Geotechnical Engineer

Slope stability
Settlement analysis
Pavement design
Retaining wall design
Mass earthwork

Spokane, WA

1999, 2013

Erik built his teamwork skills playing football for the University of Oregon and his communication skills teaching college math education courses. When he considered a career change, a stint on a surveying party for a local civil engineering firm got him interested in the field of engineering. Erik researched the field and decided to pursue a master’s degree in geological engineering. After graduate school, Erik spent four years as a staff engineer in GeoEngineers’ Tacoma office before returning to Central Idaho to continue his career.

Now back at GeoEngineers, Erik assists the senior engineers in the Spokane office with field work, research, analysis and report writing for geotechnical projects. Erik is pleased by the opportunities his profession offers. “I like being able to work on challenging problems that are never exactly the same. I have always enjoyed math—I even taught it for a while—and like using it to solve problems. Most of all, I like it when I can help people and make a difference.”

Erik has always enjoyed a wide variety of athletic hobbies such as rafting, SCUBA diving, skiing, bicycling and motorcycling. “Currently, I have ‘trimmed’ my activities down to training and riding horses, archery, target shooting and home remodeling. I live in a house that was built in 1895, situated on 10 acres with four horses, three dogs and four cats. Our animals generally live better than we do.”