Meet Erich Kaese, EIT
Staff Geotechnical Engineer

Coastal Restoration and Engineering,
Saturated and Unsaturated Flow Modeling,
Lateral Earth Pressure Analyses and Systems,
Construction Monitoring and Data Collection

Baton Rouge, LA


Erich is the eyes and ears of the senior geotechnical staff in our Baton Rouge office, especially for coastal restoration, flood protection and transportation projects. He spends time in the field logging soil samples, collecting data and working with partners on a wide variety of projects.

A series of international experiences helped form Erich’s view on the importance of engineering. As a high school student, Erich visited Italy, Greece and Turkey and marveled at the ancient Roman and Greek sites he saw. It made an impact, and inspired Erich to pursue civil engineering.

“I became aware of how the work of civil engineers can connect people across time periods, cultures, and backgrounds,” Erich says.

Erich enrolled at the University of Colorado at Boulder to study engineering. As a student, he traveled to Peru to volunteer in an Andean village, and worked with Engineers Without Borders on several projects. These experiences taught Erich that effective engineers must think about projects from a broad perspective, considering the impacts to the environment and community, and immersing themselves in other cultures.

“I am inspired by the notion of protecting what is culturally and environmentally important, which plays into the work we do to protect Louisiana’s coasts,” Erich says. “I am also inspired by the hope that the civil engineering projects on which we work improve people’s lives. In the field of civil engineering, every project brings new challenges and problems to solve.”

Erich’s love of travel and the outdoors keeps him busy outside of work. He’s summited seven of Colorado’s “fourteeners” (mountains taller than 14,000 feet), and enjoys camping, hiking, skiing, lifting weights and playing tennis. His interest in Rome didn’t end with architecture. Erich speaks Italian and is working to improve his fluency before beginning to learn another language.