Meet Christopher T. Brown
Environmental Geologist

Environmental site assessments
Environmental remediation
Local development projects
Emergency spill response

Seattle, WA


Chris balances field and project management on environmental site investigations in the Seattle area. “I really like to participate in improving and revitalizing our beautiful city and region. The upcoming projects in the Puget Sound area are unprecedented, and GeoEngineers is fortunate enough to have a large role in them,” Chris said.

A native to Seattle, Chris is passionate about working on projects that help sculpt a vibrant, thriving and sustainable city. His most current project is coordinating fieldwork for the site assessment of the new Amazon headquarters in downtown Seattle. “These projects need a company filled with people like us at GeoEngineers that believe in helping create a better place and doing the right things to make it a place we want our children to live. We enjoy living and playing in the Seattle area, so it’s logical to me to help make them better,” he said.

In addition to being inspired by his hometown, Chris derives inspiration from his colleagues. “GeoEngineers has a great culture that allows and inspires collaboration with principals, associates and junior staff. These relationships cultivate knowledge sharing and help create relationships outside the office with clients and representatives of the community,” he said.

In his free time, Chris enjoys sailboat racing, mountain biking and backcountry skiing.