Meet Christina Chelf
Staff GIS Analyst

Geographic information systems
Spatial data analysis
Data management

Tacoma, WA


Christina works with the Applied Technology group at GeoEngineers, creating maps and analyzing spatial data to communicate environmental information. “I have always been intrigued and captivated by maps. In my junior year in college, I took a required GIS course and realized that not only could I make a career out of creating maps, but I could also help people answer questions and solve problems,” she says.

After receiving a bachelor’s in environmental studies from Western Washington University, she worked as a GIS data management technician for the Northwest Indian Fisheries Commission. There she provided online mapping tools related to salmon conservation. “I love that working for GeoEngineers gives me the opportunity to work on a variety of projects with friendly, hard-working people. My talents and abilities will continue to grow for as long as I am here.”

On the weekends, Christina usually spends her time playing competitive Ultimate Frisbee or taking part in outdoor adventures; most recently long-distance bike rides such as the Seattle-to-Portland Bicycle Classic. She also loves to hike, run and enjoy the sunshine.

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