Meet Catalena Cabrera
GIS Analyst

Geographical information systems (GIS)
Spatial data analysis

Portland, OR


Catalena finds the marriage between natural resources and spatial analysis fascinating. She recounts, “My senior year, I took a GIS and remote sensing class from two GIS leaders in my community. I have been awed by the ability to use GIS to answer complex questions ever since.”

At GeoEngineers, Catalena is a GIS analyst with the Applied Technology group, where she analyzes and creates spatial data and specializes in mobile technology, database design and cartography. “I love working with a great team exploring various types of projects. GeoEngineers allows to me to work on GIS projects across all of our market sections, from environmental projects and site analysis to geotechnical corridor assessments,” she reflects. Catalena is proudest of the projects that involved complex problems she and her AT colleagues solved in GIS and made use of many facets of GIS—such as data creation, mobile collection, analysis, displaying analysis with cartographic design and web map viewers.

Catalena’s favorite leisure-time activities are hiking, camping and being outdoors with her husband and friends. She is a fan of locavore eating and enjoys growing and picking fresh fruits and vegetables from the farm to can for the winter.