Meet Brandon Muller
Senior Environmental Scientist

USACE Section 10/404 permitting, Louisiana coastal use permitting, Wildlife and fisheries ecology/management, Wetland delineation, Remedial design/implementation, Phase I/phase 2 site assessments

Baton Rouge, LA


Brandon is a part of GeoEngineers’ growing environmental team in Baton Rouge. Most of Brandon’s work deals with evaluating environmental contaminants on a particular site, and then recommending remediation strategies to remove or mitigate harmful material.

As a native of Louisiana, Brandon has always enjoyed hunting, fishing, and being outdoors. This was part of what motivated him to launch into environmental work.

“I figured why not do something I love every day,” Brandon says. “Also, once I began doing environmental work I was immediately drawn to remediation work due to all the heavy equipment. Who didn’t own Tonka toys as a child?”

Brandon’s personal and professional background with wetlands and natural resources in Louisiana, coupled with his knowledge of environmental remediation, makes him a valuable part of GeoEngineers’ coastal restoration work in the region.

Outside of work, Brandon loves spending time with his children. Besides hunting and fishing, Brandon also participates in outdoor endurance sports like marathons and triathlons when he can.