Meet Ben Lane
CAD Technician

CAD design for HDD projects
MicroStation® design for HDD and transportation projects

Springfield, MO


Before coming to GeoEngineers, Ben originally wanted to pursue a machinist’s degree, but soon realized that there was a limited market for machinists in the Springfield area. After a drafting class piqued his interest, he decided to shift his degree emphasis to computer-aided design (CAD). This was about the time he started his first drafting job, doing mechanical drafting for a Springfield area company. Eight years later, after having gained much experience in mechanical and civil drafting, Ben joined the GeoEngineer’s team.

Ben’s primary focus at GeoEngineers is creating horizontal directional drilling (HDD) design drawings and site plan and vicinity maps using AutoCAD Civil 3D and MicroStation software. Ben’s supervisors have strongly promoted independence and self-growth during his time at the company. This dovetails well with his fondness for new challenges and the opportunity to work on a variety of projects that GeoEngineers provides. For example, says Ben, “During a period of downtime, my supervisor told me to pick something and study it. So I taught myself how to do grading in our CAD design software. Then, along came the Acadian Haynesville Connector pipeline project, where I was able to apply my new grading skills, without a learning curve, or needing much assistance from my supervisor. It was very rewarding for me to be able to meet that challenge and succeed.”

Outside the office, Ben enjoys spending time with his family and friends and being outdoors. “We like to get together and play softball, go hiking, fishing or any kind of card game, especially pinochle.” Otherwise he is at home spending time with his wife and son or working on their house. “I enjoy simple things, like reading a book with my amazing wife or building Legos with my son.”


  • ACEC-Missouri Engineering Excellence Awards, Grand Award in the Energy Category, BP, New Oil Export Line Shore Approach, Trinidad and Tobago, 2009