Meet Anita Bockmon
Administrative Coordinator

Office administration

Portland, OR


Anita has worked with the public all of her life, making her a natural as an administrative coordinator for GeoEngineers’ Portland office. “In a nutshell, my job boils down to helping and greeting people.”

Being a receptionist suits her personality well, Anita reveals. “I really enjoy talking to the people who call in, both employees and clients. I also like doing my part in getting things organized and out the door.” She is impressed with the company structure, too. “I love that we are employee-owned. I truly appreciate all the benefits that GeoEngineers offers us.”

When she’s not at work, Anita favors spending time with her family and staying connected to her friends. She enjoys seeing plays and concerts and attends as many as she can fit into her budget. On her occasional visits to Maryland to see her son, Anita has lots of fun taking in the East Coast sights.