Meet Amanda Fickeisen, LG
Staff Geologist

Certified Erosion and Sediment Control Lead (CESCL)
Soil analysis and characterization

Bellingham, WA


Having grown up in a family of rock hounds, Amanda knew she was on the right path when she took her first college geology class. She went on to earn a Bachelor of Science degree in earth and space sciences at the University of Washington and recently passed her Washington State geologist licensing exam.

Amanda is part of GeoEngineers’ Bellingham (WA) geotechnical group and works with its environmental group as well. She divides her time between the field, the lab and report writing in the office. The blend works well for her. “I really like the people I work with in the office and I have a good time interacting with characters in the field on construction sites.”

With an active toddler at home, Amanda’s free time fills up quickly. “I love seeing live music, but I don’t make it to as many concerts now as I did before I had my son,” she says. She enjoys walks with her family, visits to parks and camping trips.