Meet Nolan Hagge, EIT
Staff Civil Engineer

HDD design and construction
Geotechnical engineering
Construction management

Springfield, MO


Nolan is part of the HDD group at GeoEngineers and helps design and construct pipelines for oil and gas companies throughout the U.S. “Until I started working at GeoEngineers, I could never really say that I was contributing to something that was valuable to our country as a whole. The work I do now allows me to say that,” he says.

A recent graduate of Dordt College in Sioux Center, Iowa, and holding a bachelor’s degree in civil engineering, Nolan brings with him an excitement to learn. Prior to joining GeoEngineers, he completed several internships and summer jobs that included plant engineering, construction and surveying. “I’m always willing to help out wherever I’m needed. I don’t shy away from a challenge, and try to bring positive energy, integrity, honesty and a good work ethic to all that I do.”

Outside of work, Nolan uses his professional skills to give back through Builders International, a nonprofit program of The Assemblies of God World Missions that helps to build churches and schools around the world. “I live by the motto ‘to whom much is given much is required,’ meaning that we who are blessed with good jobs and good education should give back to people around the world who have not had the same opportunities.”

In his leisure time, Nolan enjoys fishing, hunting, riding his motorcycle, traveling and spending time in coffee shops.