Meet Mike Mills
Web Developer

Software development for desktop, web and mobile devices

Portland, OR


Mike took a computer programming class in high school and knew from then on that programming was what he wanted to do for a living.

At GeoEngineers, he creates and manages websites for our clients. Mike says he likes taking advantage of the latest technology and seeing the value that it brings to clients. “I also enjoy getting to work on a variety of projects, and there’s always opportunity to learn and grow as a software engineer,” he comments.

One interesting project Mike built was an application for Les Schwab Tires that used Google Earth as a presentation tool to show their store locations and information about each store. This interface used a 65-inch monitor and a 10-inch touch screen to navigate and find store locations. He muses, “At GeoEngineers, I think we all want to create things that are new and exciting.”

When he’s not coding—and it’s not raining—Mike goes running. When it is raining, he opts for weight training or playing ping pong.