Meet Lyn Wright
Project Coordinator

Project administration

Redmond, WA


When Lyn first researched GeoEngineers, she liked what she found. “I was extremely impressed with the work they did, their concern for the environment and the fact that so many projects were in Redmond—the place I have called home for 35 years.”

Today Lyn is the project coordinator who serves as the one-stop, go-to person for the Redmond office environmental group. In addition, she is a member of the emergency spill response program the group manages for one of the company’s premier clients. Lyn enables the spill response technical staff to focus on technical issues by keeping their behind-the-scenes wheels in motion, ensuring that paperwork and report production are on track and preparing the client’s monthly invoice package. Asked what she likes best about working at GeoEngineers, Lyn replies, “Everything! I feel that in my own way I am part of the solution to better serve our community. I also take great pride in being an involved part of the emergency spill response program.” She adds, “GeoEngineers is leaving our world a better place by the work we do, whether with environmental or geotechnical specialties or with earth science and natural resource services.”

After her day’s work is done, Lyn savors time with her family, working in her yard and garden, going wine tasting with friends and family, or listening to music with her dog and two cats. She also has fun watching baseball and football, and is keeping the faith that someday the Seattle Mariners will make it to the World Series.