Meet Judi Radloff, LG, LHG
Project Geologist

Geologic investigations, Fluvial geomorphology, Channel migration zone delineation, Geologic hazards

Redmond, WA

1992, 2011

Judi is a fluvial geomorphologist, which is a fantastic way to say she specializes in river systems and how they interact with the earth’s surface and respond to changes in climate and the weather. In addition to her work with watersheds, Judi manages a broad range of geology projects and enjoys diving into the nitty-gritty technical details.

“The intersection of water on our landscape drives so much of the patterns of development, industry, and the natural environment. And my desire to do important, impactful work brought me to my current areas of interest,” Judi says.

The impact of natural water systems on human systems, as well as the reverse, is at the heart of Judi’s passion for her work. One of Judi’s proudest moments at GeoEngineers was at the resolution of a court case involving an unhappy landowner who was experiencing flooding and blaming a downstream river restoration.

“In my view, science won the case as the jury recognized that natural stream systems cannot be fully controlled by people,” Judi says.

Judi sees GeoEngineers as particularly well equipped to tackle the complex issues surrounding water systems and other environmental challenges.

“GeoEngineers’ rare combination of earth and environmental sciences and engineering brings together unique multi-disciplinary teams to tackle tough problems of local and regional importance,” Judi says.

Selected Presentations & Articles

A Methodology for Delineating Channel-Migration Zones, July 2014. By Patricia L. Olson, Nicholas T. Legg, Tim B. Abbe, Mary Ann Reinhart, Judith K. Radloff. Washington Department of Ecology Publication 14-06-025.