Meet Joseph Cravens, PE
Civil Engineer

Construction management, Subsurface exploration, Ground improvement, Site/Landfill closure, Drilled shafts, Driven piles

Springfield, MO


Growing up farming, surveying, working construction, and operating heavy equipment inspired Joe to become a civil engineer, focusing in the construction and geotechnical fields. He brings a broad range of construction and geotechnical experience to GeoEngineers, after previous work managing exploratory drilling, site closures, and deep foundation testing and installation.

Joe works in GeoEngineers’ Springfield office, and brings his confident, detail-oriented personality to each of his projects. One of his professors at Missouri University of Science and Technology (MS&T) taught him that “being a good engineer is not measured by how much you know, but how well you know how to go about getting the answers; you can never have too many text books or contacts—knowing how to use your calculator doesn’t hurt either.”

When he’s not at work, you can find Joe spending time on Missouri’s lakes and rivers.