Meet Jim Roth, LG, LHG
Senior Hydrogeologist

Project management
Remedial Investigations and Feasibility Studies (RI/FS)
MTCA regulation
Environmental remediation
Construction dewatering
Groundwater supply

Seattle, WA


Like many of GeoEngineers’ employees, Jim says that his work and personal interests nicely interweave. “I’ve always been interested in science and the natural world, whether at work or away from work. I enjoy spending time outside and observing nature’s complexity, patterns, how the world works,” he explains.

As a senior hydrogeologist, Jim manages GeoEngineers projects that involve assessment and cleanup of contaminated sites, groundwater supply and construction dewatering. His work involves oversight of junior staff, proposal and report preparation, managing client relationships and developing new  business  opportunities for the company.

Jim says he likes the challenge of working on large, complicated projects and “cleaning up the environment one site at a time.” He especially enjoys helping clients achieve their goals and mentoring and teaching junior staff.

In their free time, Jim and his family enjoy travel and adventure. And of course, Jim engages in all kinds of outdoor activities, including hiking, skiing, biking and gardening.