Meet Jason Shackelford
Associate Environmental Scientist

Permitting, NEPA compliance, Oyster resource investigations and assessments, ecosystem services evaluations, Protected species observations

Baton Rouge, LA


As a leader in GeoEngineers’ ongoing coastal initiative, Jason works to protect and restore vulnerable coastal ecosystems in Louisiana and throughout the country. His long career in environmental science began in California and eventually took him from South Lake Tahoe to Louisiana, where he worked in the Planning Group of the Office of Coastal Restoration for the state’s Department of Natural Resources. The agency would later become the Coastal Protection and Restoration Authority (CPRA), one of GeoEngineers’ coastal clients.

“I have always been interested in environmental work, but it wasn’t until moving to Louisiana in 2001 that I saw just how critical restoration and protection are to everyday life,” Jason says.

Jason's planning background means he tends to look at the big picture in search of strategic steps we can take now to protect our coasts from future threats. The task is daunting. Jason and our coastal team tackle issues like coastal erosion, collapsing ecosystems and sea-level rise, and work to protect our clients’ long-term interests by integrating resiliency into every project.

As an an OLDEB-certified oyster biologist, Jason also has the technical expertise necessary to understand the complexities of coastal ecosystems. Despite his experience, Jason isn’t facing these challenges alone. He draws on a team of talented environmental and water resource experts from across GeoEngineers to find creative solutions to coastal issues.

“Our GeoEngineers employees take their jobs seriously but not themselves,” Jason says. “Being around people who truly care about the work they do and finding solutions for our clients brings out the best in me. I find I am working to be my better self.”

Jason is always learning and developing professionally, and is currently working toward his Project Management Professional (PMP) certification through the Project Management Institute (PMI).

Most of Jason’s free time is spent with his family, including his three young children. He likes taking his kids to the beach to play in the Gulf, orchestrates a busy schedule of extra-curricular activities for them, and coaches their soccer and basketball teams. In the rare moments he gets to himself, Jason enjoys playing and listening to music, reading, and indulging his passion for television and movies, especially sci-fi. If it has superheroes or zombies, Jason is a fan!


  • Coastal Partnership Award, 2004: Awarded by the USACE New Orleans District for work done for the Coastal Wetlands Planning, Protection and Restoration (CWPPRA) program while at the Louisiana Dept. of Natural Resources.

Selected Presentations & Articles

  • National Conference on Ecosystem Restoration (April 18-22, 2016)
    Member of the Program and Planning Committee. Forum Moderator and Presenter.
  • Center for Natural Resources and Environmental Policy (March 20-22, 2016)
    Member of the Program and Planning Committee. Forum Moderator and Presenter.
  • Building Community Resilience to a Changing Louisiana Coastline through Restoration of Key Ecosystem Components workshop (October 14, 2015)
    Invited guest and oyster/shellfish industry expert.
  • NOAA/CPRA Working Meeting on Proposed River Diversion Project Socio-Economics Analysis and Adaptive Management Plan Development (October 5-7, 2015)
    Invited guest, oyster and shellfish industry expert. Topics discussed, potential socioeconomic impacts and policy recommendations.
  • Conference on Ecological and Environmental Restoration (July 28 – August 1, 2014)
    Presented at the CEER (NCER/SER) Annual Conference. Topic: “Development of the CPRA Oyster Lease Acquisition and Compensation Program (OLACP): From Litigation to Legislation."
  • State of the Coast Conference (March 18-24, 2014)
    Presented at the Coastal Protection and Restoration Authority Bi-Annual. Topic: “Development of the CPRA Oyster Lease Acquisition and Compensation Program (OLACP): From Litigation to Legislation.”
  • Challenges of Natural Resource Economics and Policy (March 24-26, 2013)
    Presented to the Center for Natural Resources and Environmental Policy Bi-Annual meeting. Topic: The role of lease auctions in determining the value of harvest rights in the Louisiana oyster fishery.
  • Challenges of Socioeconomic Research in Coastal Systems (May 27-28, 2004)
    Presented to the Center for Natural Resources and Environmental Policy. Topic: Socio-Economic Difficulties Facing Costal Restoration in Louisiana.
  • 4th World Fisheries Congress (May 2-6, 2004)
    Presented to an international association of environmental, coastal and fisheries scientists. Topic: Actualized Prices of Oyster Leases Taken at Auction as Related to Regional Oil and Gas Activity.
  • Tahoe Environmental Landscaping Series (2000)
    Presented to the Tahoe Business Community regarding backyard conservation BMP implementation.
  • Backyard Conservation Program for the Lake Tahoe Basin (Nov. 6-9, 1999)
    Presented to the California Association of Resource Conservation Districts Annual Conference, Tahoe City, CA.