Meet Jason Poulsen, PWS
Senior Environmental Scientist

Professional Wetland Scientist
Wetlands delineation
ESA consultation
Biological assessments
NEPA/SEPA documentation

Boise, ID


Jason is an avid outdoorsman who has always felt a connection to water and the natural environment. At GeoEngineers, he is an environmental and natural resource scientist who provides project management, permitting and mitigation design support for various stream, wetland and habitat restoration projects. Jason says the freedom and variety GeoEngineers offers inspires him and his colleagues. “Having the freedom to work on a variety of projects helps us to continually challenge our abilities and develop new skills.”

There’s no firm line between Jason’s work and leisure time. “When I am away from the office, I typically find myself in the woods or on a river, where I often catch myself trying to understand how natural environmental features are formed or created. Discussing these things or reading about them never has as much impact as actually seeing them first-hand.”

Jason enjoys spending time with his wife and four children and engages in many forms of outdoor recreation, including fly fishing, hunting, rafting and camping.