Meet Jacob Letts, LG

Hydrogeologic studies
Contaminant fate and transport
Pedology and soil stratigraphy

Tacoma, WA


Jacob originally wanted to be an anthropologist or archaeologist. “I wasn’t entirely sure, but at least I had narrowed it down to something that ended with ‘ist.’ Then I took Geology of Our National Parks, which was my very first class in college. That afternoon I declared my major and haven’t looked back.” 

At GeoEngineers, Jacob works on both environmental and natural resources projects, helping assess and protect soil and groundwater resources in the urban and natural environment. He primarily studies groundwater flow and how contaminants are transported in groundwater. He is also interested in protecting and utilizing groundwater as a clean resource. Jacob enjoys the work and notes, “On many projects I actually get to use all that cool stuff I learned in college! And I have fun doing it.”

Spending time with family, backpacking, kayaking, snowboarding, gardening and brewing beer top Jacob’s list of things to do when he’s not at work.