Meet Craig Hodgson
Field Technician

Groundwater sampling
Wastewater treatment
Drinking water treatment
Environmental remediation
Soil sampling

Springfield, MO


Craig spends his days in the field analyzing water and soil samples to support our environmental projects. With a background in water treatment and growing up on a farm, Craig say he is able to recognize the lay of the land and water structures in a different way.

It was his personal enjoyment and admiration for the outdoors that led to his career as a field technician. “Having taken many different career paths working in retail, sales and construction, I realized it was working outdoors that I loved and wanted to do something with conservation and making a difference,” Craig says.

Even when not at work, you can often find Craig outdoors doing “typical country-boy things” such as farming, hunting and fishing. He likes to canoe in streams and rivers and fish the local ponds, saying, “You can have your big boats and your lakes. I like the quiet life of nature.” When not enjoying the great outdoors, you can find Craig cheering on the St. Louis Cardinals during baseball season and the Kansas City Chiefs during football season.