Meet Chuck Kroeger, CHMM
Senior Environmental Scientist

Environmental regulatory compliance
Certified Hazardous Materials Manager

Springfield, MO


Chuck joined GeoEngineers to add environmental compliance to our service offerings in the Springfield office. He provides environmental compliance assistance in the form of reporting, permitting, plan preparation and updates, compliance audits and technical assistance.

Before signing on with GeoEngineers, Chuck spent four years at Missouri State University as Director of Environmental Management and nearly 30 years before that as a regulator with the Missouri Department of Natural Resources. Describing his approach, Chuck says, “I am an environmentalist at heart. I have a real concern for our environment, but also have a respect for those trying to comply with the regulations, having been both a regulator and a regulated entity.” He adds, “Compliance with environmental laws and regulations can be a daunting task, and outside assistance is often required to maintain that compliance.”

Chuck engages enthusiastically in a variety of outdoor activities when he’s not at work, such as fly fishing, deer hunting, camping, floating and boating, walking in the woods and gardening. “I also love to tie flies and work in my woodworking shop making picture frames and custom wooden boxes. And then there are the grandsons….”

Selected Presentations & Articles

  • Koeger, Chuck, “Waste Compliance Auditing,” presented at the Chemical Industry Council of Illinois (CICI) Conference, Fairview Heights, IL, 2011
  • Kroeger, Chuck, “Hazardous Waste Characterization/Regulated Waste Management/Manifests,” presented at Dairy Farmers of America Environmental Conference, Springfield, MO, 2010
  • Kroeger, Chuck, “Reduce Liability and Costs through Hazardous Waste Minimization,” presented at 2008 Arkansas Governor’s Safety Conference, Rogers, AR, 2008
  • Kroeger, Chuck, Bias, Candace, and Guariglia, Dale, “Top 10 RCRA Violations and How to Avoid Them,” presented at the Environmental Conference at The Lake, Osage Beach, MO, 2008
  • Kroeger, Chuck, “Overview of Hazardous Materials,” presented at 2007 Arkansas Governor’s Safety Conference, Rogers, AR, 2007

Recent Field Notes

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