Meet Aaron Michael Waggoner, LG, LHG

Soil and groundwater investigation and clean-up
Regulatory compliance

Tacoma, WA


Aaron once planned to work as a mining or petroleum geologist, but when he graduated from college, he discovered that jobs in environmental science were both more plentiful and more up his alley. He recounts, “I was unaware that the environmental industry existed while I was attending college, but when it came time to get a job, environmental consulting could not be ignored. My first job gave me a refreshing new perspective on the Northwest and how the many diverse industries have had an impact on the environment. I believe that with responsible and sustainable practices, these industries could thrive again, giving the Northwest a competitive edge in the global market.”

At GeoEngineers, Aaron is a geologist who specializes in investigating and cleaning up soil and groundwater contamination on industrial and commercial properties. “I help industry and regulators come together for the common good,” Aaron explains. In addition to working in Tacoma, he occasionally travels to Oregon to work with GeoEngineers' staff in the Portland office. 

Aaron takes pride in being a project team member and contributing to the “high-class work products that result from team effort.” Asked about the company’s strengths, he replies, “Client service is paramount at GeoEngineers. The goal is to become every client’s ‘trusted advisor,’ to meet all of their geoscience and engineering needs.”

In his free time, Aaron enjoys mountain biking with coworkers, power boating and kayaking with his family and playing most winter sports. He also likes to fish and camp in the Puget Sound region or to visit the east side of the Cascades for rock hounding and hiking.