Assisting a wide range of clients and owners acquire, develop, redevelop or dispose of property

GeoEngineers is a recognized engineering and environmental services leader, supporting developers, property owners, architects, attorneys and others as they acquire, develop, redevelop, or dispose of property. We are proud of our participation in thousands of successful commercial, industrial and residential development projects. GeoEngineers’ expertise and experience makes us your key client partner, whether for new construction, site redevelopment or sustainable development.

New Construction

Bringing a new development project to completion requires long-term collaboration between developers, architects, planners, and engineers, especially on design-build projects. GeoEngineers’ staff knows that teamwork and communication skills are essential, along with top-notch project management and a focus on results. Our clients can count on us for superior geotechnical design and engineering, environmental site assessments, permitting assistance and sustainable design.


GeoEngineers is at the forefront of local, state and national initiatives to redevelop brownfields and other commercial or industrial sites. Our environmental experts clearly understand the issues involved, and assist our clients in successfully negotiating the web of policies and procedures necessary to bring contaminated properties back to useful life.


GeoEngineers is excited to take part in shaping the future through sustainable design and development. Our knowledgeable staff know “green”—we offer geotechnical and environmental engineering services that provide our clients with responsible, energy efficient and cost-effective planning, design and construction.