Water Resources
Helping clients manage all aspects of water conveyance, storage and quality
Carefully designed culverts can manage watershed effectively while still allowing fish passage upstream.

GeoEngineers employs a deep understanding of surface and groundwater science and “in-the-water” experience to assist our clients in finding cost-effective resource-management solutions.

Our services include:

  • Watershed services – watershed analysis; drainage basin evaluation; critical/sensitive areas interpretation; river and stream channel stability assessment; GIS mapping and data management

  • Hydrogeologic evaluation – aquifer recharge; groundwater availability and flow

  • Wellhead protection – contamination studies; groundwater flow modeling; well field exploration; inventory classification

  • Water supply development – water rights, site design, geotechnical, geologic and hydrologic evaluation, water quality sampling; infiltration/recharge facility modeling; well siting, development and rehabilitation

  • Groundwater control – construction dewatering; seepage control; seawater intrusion

  • Natural resource protection – fish passages; culverts and hatcheries

  • Geologic hazards – landslide, erosion, seismic, mine, steep slope and channel-migration hazards; flood and all-hazard plans

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