Trenchless Technology
Award-winning support for all phases of trenchless projects
GeoEngineers designs first successfully completed US Direct Pipe® installation under a US Army Corps of Engineers-regulated levee.

Trenchless technology refers to construction methods for installing new pipelines or rehabilitating existing pipelines in areas where traditional open-cut construction would not be permitted, practical or possible. Examples of typical trenchless technology applications include pipeline crossings under highways and railways, rivers and lakes, steep slopes, environmentally sensitive areas, city streets and other developed areas.

For nearly 25 years, GeoEngineers’ staff experts have completed more than one million feet of trenchless projects, installed by horizontal directional drilling (HDD), Direct Pipe, microtunneling, Earth Pressure Balance Machine (EPBM) tunneling, and auger bore and jack. We have completed hundreds of HDD pipeline crossings throughout the United States, Central and South America, Asia, and Africa with lengths in excess of 13,000 feet and pipe diameters up to 56 inches.

Within the trenchless market, GeoEngineers has a particular expertise with United States Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) design and permit requirements for trenchless technology crossings of levees. In fact, our work on hydraulic fracture and fluid loss is incorporated in an official USACE publication on installing HDDs under levees. This expertise is recognized worldwide and has made our firm a leader in geotechnical site characterization studies for pipeline crossings.

Our Trenchless Services

We assist our clients in all phases of trenchless technology projects as part of an integrated suite of services, including:

  • Alternatives analysis—Planning-stage evaluation of routing options, construction feasibility and preliminary cost estimating
  • Full project design—Route assessment, plan and profile design, installation and operational analysis, contract document preparation and engineering cost estimates
  • Geotechnical evaluation—Site exploration, geologic reconnaissance, laboratory testing, geohazards evaluation and mitigation
  • Geotechnical reporting—Geotechnical data, design summary and baseline reports
  • Environmental services—Ecological assessments, permitting and environmental remediation
  • Construction bid and specifications support, management, monitoring, analysis and documentation
  • Claims evaluation for differing site conditions

GeoEngineers’ Trenchless Recognition

  • ACEC Missouri Engineering Excellence Grand Conceptor Award (the state's top honor) for the innovative directional microtunnel pipeline crossing of Interstate 84 in Matamoras, PA, 2014
  • ACEC Missouri Engineering Excellence Honor Award for the challenging HDD pipeline crossing of the St. Clair River, 2013
  • Ranked one of the Top 25 Trenchless Design Firms by Trenchless Technology magazine for more than six years
  • ACEC Missouri Engineering Excellence Grand Award for Chevron pipeline crossing of Mississippi River, 2011
  • ACEC Missouri Engineering Excellence Grand Award for a world-record 5,780-feet, 30-inch-diameter HDD shore approach for BP Trinidad and Tobago, 2009


We've found that advanced planning is one key to pipeline project success. If you have a project that's nearing the pre-planning stages, we invite you to contact us to discuss your project needs with one of GeoEngineers’ trenchless technology specialists.