River Science and Engineering
Providing sound solutions to river-management challenges
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River Science and Engineering work is complex, but our team is ready to take on the multi-disciplinary challenge of understanding, and repairing, these delicate ecosystems.

Meet the Team

Our River Team brings decades of experience to bear on our clients’ challenges. With a wide range of river-related skills in house, we have the expertise to tackle the complex interrelated ecosystems of rivers, floodplains and wetlands. We’re ready to join your team with the industry-leading support you need to get your project done right. View our diverse work in these areas and meet our team members via the links to the right. Together, they’re ready to take on any challenge.

Comprehensive Resources

Over the last 25 years, the practice of stream and river restoration has evolved from simple log and rock structures to more comprehensive channel and floodplain interactions on wider scales. To address these complex challenges, we offer a wide variety of in-house technical resources, including fisheries biology, hydrology, geomorphology and other river-related specialties. When needed, our River Team can also call on a talented pool of dozens of geotechnical, groundwater and permitting specialists from across our company that have deep experience working in riverine environments. These resources give us the flexibility to build integrated teams with the technical skills to deliver results on your project, and the scale to fit your budget.

When the Stakes are High

When working with delicate ecosystems, threatened species and valuable infrastructure, we understand that a lot is on the line. Our clients know that when the stakes are high, GeoEngineers delivers creative, practical solutions. We regularly complete projects that successfully bring local fish populations back from the brink, help clients meet complex regulatory requirements or protect valuable transportation and energy infrastructure.

Delivering Value

We make the complex convenient. No matter the project, we’ll give you the practical information you need to make decisions, and back it all up with easy-to-present data your stakeholders can understand. See some samples of our project deliverables below, and imagine what you can accomplish with our team behind you.

What We Can Do for You

  • Quantitative watershed assessments and strategic planning
  • Fish-passage studies and design
  • Habitat restoration
  • Flood frequency and inundation analysis
  • Wetland surveys/restoration
  • Riparian inventory
  • Biological assessments
  • Habitat analysis and modeling
  • Channel design and advanced modeling
  • Bank stabilization
  • Bridge and pipeline scour analysis
  • Sediment transport characterization
  • Channel migration analysis
  • Hydrogeological and hyporheic analysis
  • Water rights
  • Regulatory coordination and permitting

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