Geotechnical Engineering
Delivering a wide range of structural, site development and trenchless design geotechnical engineering capabilities
GeoEngineers provides dam safety analyses for structures such as the City of Spokane's Upriver Dam.

Geotechnical engineering and design form the foundation of every built structure, and an experienced geotechnical firm is critically important to achieving project goals. GeoEngineers draws on our extensive technical capabilities, decades of diverse regional and local experience and focus on results to consistently deliver successful project outcomes.

Our staff is expert in geotechnical engineering for:



  • Deep and shallow foundation support

  • Seismic design

  • Sustainable design and low-impact development (LID)

  • Shoring systems, including tiebacks and rock anchors

  • Driven pile design and installation monitoring

  • Drilled pile design and construction quality control

  • Pile driving performance monitoring using Pile Driving Analyzer (PDA)

  • Drilled pile/shaft evaluation using Crosshole Sonic Logging (CSL)

  • Construction monitoring


Site Development

  • Soil exploration drilling programs for land, over water, coastal marsh and swamp sites

  • Retaining walls

  • Slope stability analysis, bluff evaluations

  • Ground-improvement and modification designs, and construction verification

  • Mechanically stabilized earth (MSE) systems and walls

  • Groundwater management and dewatering

  • Stormwater management, infiltration, groundwater mounding analyses, detention ponds


Coastal Engineering

  • Coastal restoration and marsh creation


Trenchless Design

  • Horizontal directional drilling (HDD)

  • Microtunneling



  • ASD and LRFD design methods

  • Pavements

  • Airport runways/taxiways


Dams and Levees

  • Dam safety analysis

  • Dam design, renovation and construction monitoring

  • Levee evaluation


Specialized Technologies

  • In situ strength testing using field vane equipment

  • Numerical modeling for geotechnical, groundwater, surface water and seismic applications

  • Ground freezing

  • Advanced geotechnical instrumentation


How can we help you with your geotechnical engineering needs? We invite you to contact us to discuss your project with a GeoEngineers geotechnical specialist.