Environmental Data Management
Actionable data, at your fingertips.

Let GeoEngineers simplify your environmental and engineering data workflow. We use Earth Analytics, our custom in-house data-management software, to directly connect field data to deliverables. Earth Analytics fuses GeoEngineers’ earth-science consulting expertise with industry-leading software to build a bridge from data input to effective output.

The Earth Analytics software platform can collect data inputs from a variety of instruments and existing environmental databases. Add your data to the secure online database, then access, analyze and output data from any internet-enabled device.

Simplify your EDDs

We know that handling large data sets can be unwieldy, that’s why Earth Analytics shortcuts the process and gives labs and field staff the ability to input data directly. Eliminate multiple data entry steps by inputting data only once, saving time and avoiding errors. Manipulate Environmental Data Deliverables with the press of a few buttons and start working with your data right away.

Actionable Data for All

A variety of Earth Analytics data visualization tools put actionable information at your fingertips in the form of graphs, GIS overlays and data plots. Anyone can use these analytical tools to make better-informed decisions.
Earth Analytics also makes it easy to effectively communicate your data to stakeholders. Output visualizations for presentations, and create pre-formatted reports for local, state, or federal regulatory agencies.

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