Dam Safety Solutions
Our cutting-edge Earth Analytics™ software can help solve your dam and levee challenges.

Our Earth Analytics software platform is central to our dam safety services. By combining this powerful tool with our expertise in performance-based engineering and our knowledge of FERC regulations our team of dam safety engineers can provide integrated solutions for hydroelectric facilities and other dam/levee owners.

Many dam operators rely on archaic instrumentation and data-management tools to track water pressure, flow, and other variables. It can be difficult to spot dangerous trends in the data and impossible to react to rapid changes during an emergency situation. To address these needs, GeoEngineers deploys our Earth Analytics software platform to help operators find hidden risks in their data and predict problems before they arise.

Dynamic Data

Earth Analytics is an online, hosted solution that allows operators and owners to access and store dam instrument readings from both traditional data loggers and wireless instrumentation. When combined with wireless instruments, Earth Analytics can also deliver real-time data monitoring. Staff can define advanced “listening” triggers or alarms to notify users of exceedances or potential thresholds. Facility staff can now visualize and analyze data in ways that have traditionally required a high degree of subject-matter expertise and additional time to produce.

FERC Expertise

Our experts developed Earth Analytics from the ground up with FERC compliance in mind. We have been providing dam safety consulting since 1986, and our regulatory experience is a key area of technical competence at GeoEngineers. Senior Principal Gordon Denby has been a FERC-approved Dam Safety Part 12 independent consultant since 2002, and we’ve poured all of this FERC experience into Earth Analytics. Operators can output data directly to preformatted report templates, dramatically streamlining the reporting process.

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