How We're Different
How We’re Different
We're dedicated to cultivating our most important resource — you. Take on new challenges side-by-side with team members devoted to our clients, each other, and improving the world we share. Here's what matters to us:

Career Development

We never stop learning. Receive both formal and on-the-job training from experienced professionals in your field. Get tuition assistance for career-related courses and embrace opportunities for leadership as your career advances. Join us and let’s grow together.


Our comprehensive professional growth program, GeoUniversity, provides learning opportunities through live sessions, webinars, and online courses. Train on leadership, project management and a range of technical topics that will enrich your skills no matter where you are in your career.

Work-Life Balance

Life is more than work. We believe that quality time spent out of the office can enrich your professional as well as your personal life. We promote balance in the lives of our employees by:

  • Providing our staff with a suportive and flexible work environment that enables them to fulfill obligations on and off the job.

  • Organizing group activities such as hiking, camping, biking, rafting and snowshoeing.

  • Supporting our employees in their individual pursuits — from races and other competitions to personal causes.

Community Outreach

More than half of our staff actively engage in philanthropy, and many more volunteer their time to help various professional, business and environmental pursuits. GeoEngineers supports employees’ individual causes through an active charitable giving program.


We specialize in protecting our clients’ interests and the environment in a sustainable way. For more information about our sustainable services and projects, visit the Sustainability page or follow the GeoEngineers blog, Field Notes.

Work on diverse, technically challenging projects
across multiple markets.

Take advantage of opportunities for collaboration, mentorship and professional growth.

University of California-Davis EWB team build a marketplace latrine
Join a team that truly encourages work/life balance—
and fun!

Feed your passion for helping others by volunteering your time and technical skills to improve local and global communities.



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