Field Notes
Small Construction Defects, Large Problems: Unraveling an Explosive Mystery
By Gary Pendergrass–Apr 11, 2016
With the recent natural gas leaks in Southern California, I was reminded of a forensic analysis I performed on a home explosion site several years ago. It was a good reminder that geologic conditions and small construction oversights can be dangerous in ways we might not normally consider.The fire...

Celebrate Science and Engineering this Earth Day through Dialogue
By Mike Hutchinson–Apr 19, 2016
As people recognize Earth Day, I find myself reflecting on how much progress we have made and how optimistic I am for the future. In 1993, I was part of an Earth Day team that organized and planted dozens of trees in Tacoma and talked about our observations of the natural world as scientists. In...

Q/A With Greg Landau: APWA Oregon Focuses on Disaster Preparedness
By Greg Landau–Apr 29, 2016
A group of GeoEngineers staff from our Portland office, including Greg Landau, recently attended the American Public Works Association (APWA) Oregon Spring Conference 2016. We asked Greg to give his impressions on APWA Oregon and the trends and topics most on the mind of presenters and attendees...