Field Notes
Risky Air: The Threat of Chemical Vapor Intrusion
By Neil Morton–Mar 16, 2016
GeoEngineers' staff test for chemical vapors in the crawlspace of a home above a contaminated site.Soil and groundwater contaminated with volatile chemicals, such as fuels and cleaning solvents, can threaten the health of people in homes or other buildings above or near the contamination. Typical...

Washout: Roads at Risk During Storm Events
By Jennifer E. Aguettant–Mar 22, 2016
Culvert washouts occur when turbulent water forces its way around the edges of a culvert, potentially causing the collapse of the road above.Between March 8 and March 10, 2016 a large storm slowly made its way across North Louisiana. As this massive storm inched eastward, it dropped between 17 and...