Field Notes
Engineers and Scientists, Unlock Your Inner Artist
By Mike Hutchinson–Aug 11, 2014
It was recently brought to my attention (I feel late to the game) that “Art” was added last year to educational curricula focused on Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM), creating a sub-group called STEAM.  This is fantastic news. As both an artist (guitarist) and a...

A Roadmap to Personal Branding for Geoprofessionals: Part 1
By Tonya Kauhi–Aug 5, 2014
When someone asks what you do for a living, what do you say?  Can you clearly define what you do? How do you communicate your value and set yourself apart from other engineers, scientists, technologists and professionals? You do this through your personal brand.  Your brand is your...

A Roadmap to Personal Branding for Geoprofessionals: Part 2
By Christina Chelf–Aug 21, 2014
In our previous post on personal branding, my colleague Tonya Kauhi walked through how to define your persona—the qualities that make you, you. We originally intended to do this series in two posts, but realized it makes sense to break them up into three posts so you can focus on one step at a time...