Field Notes
Helping Electric Utilities Avoid Bird Mortality Compliance Risk with AvianAudit
By Chris Bellusci–Sep 9, 2013
Power lines kill upwards of 170 million birds in the U.S. each year, and wind turbines are estimated to kill 33,000 according to U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service’s factsheet Migratory Bird Mortality: Many Human-Caused Threats Afflict our Bird Population (PDF – 518 KB). Utilities that have not adhered...

Wind Turbines and Bird Mortalities: How to Accurately Track and Report Data
By Chris Bellusci–Sep 12, 2013
A recent Associated Press article on the number of eagles killed by wind farms in the last five years has been widely circulated among major media outlets, such as NBC News, ABC News, The Weather Channel, and multiple newspapers. The article, and the study it cites, highlights the importance of...