Field Notes
Achieving Net Zero Energy Buildings
By –Jul 12, 2012
Net zero is a term used to describe buildings with zero net energy consumption and zero annual carbon emissions. As a practitioner in sustainability, I’m a fan of net zero energy and subscribe to the mindset that you must start with conservation. This mindset also applies to another passion of mine...

U.S. Geological Survey News: More Than Just Rocks
By –Jul 24, 2012
As the lone geologist in my family, I receive regular harassment from my two younger brothers about being a geologist. A typical rib is, “rocks, what are they good for?” I typically respond that they are lucky to know someone who understands earth processes and systems.  I’ve been a subscriber...

Creating Remarkable Neighborhoods
By Dana Carlisle–Jul 26, 2012
At GeoEngineers, I have been very fortunate to be involved with a tremendous partnership of firms who have collaborated over the past ten years on two redevelopment projects that have significantly transformed the look and feel of the White Center area of Seattle. The projects are King County...