Field Notes
USGBC to Revamp the LEED Program
By –Apr 5, 2012
Revised program will add Lifecycle Cost analysis... Finally. The Environmental Leader reports that the US Green Building Council will revamp the LEED program. LEED has been a good rallying cry, but it hasn’t gone far enough, fast enough. The latest revisions seem to be a step in...

TIF is in the News Again
By –Apr 9, 2012
I’m a big fan of TIF, Tax-Increment Financing. I have been since brownfields redevelopment came to the forefront over 10 years ago. Most of the new TIF concepts came out of this browfield era.  Roger Valdez, writing for, provides the most detailed explanation I've seen...

Net Zero: If the Army Can Do It, Why Can't the Rest of Us?
By –Apr 18, 2012
I’m excited that the U.S. Army has announced a commitment to doing something we strongly believe in here at GeoEngineers, a Net Zero goal.  As this article, “Military Leads in Renewable Energy Race,” indicates, the Army’s Net Zero goal means that bases will be “designed with zero water and...